Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set - Front
Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set - Back
Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set - Half Open
Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set - Open Full
Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set - Open Full v2
Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set
Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set
Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set

Musim 2 | Set Disk Edisi Khusus

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From the box it comes in, to the content on each of the six(!) discs, you’ll immediately find that this DVD collection is truly special.

Deskripsi Produk

Detail Produk:

Dibungkus dalam kemasan yang menampilkan gambar-gambar indah dari Musim 2, koleksinya meliputi:

  • Kedelapan episode 
  • Episode Natal Kami, “Para Pembawa Pesan”
  • Menambahkan komentar dari Dallas Jenkins, pencipta The Chosen
  • Meja bundar eksklusif dengan aktor-aktor terpilih
  • Cuplikan di balik layar pembuatan Musim 2
  • Film dokumenter berdurasi 25 menit, menampilkan Dallas serta para pemain dan kru
  • Meja bundar dengan para ahli Alkitab kami
  • Audio dan subtitle tersedia dalam bahasa Inggris, Spanyol, dan Portugis
  • Bebas Wilayah
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Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Sheila B. (Riverside, US)

I have to confess, I've been so busy watching and rewatching the live feeds, the deep dives and interviews, I have not opened it.
I gave it 5 stars because...well, what else would it be? I'll tear into it SOON.🥰

Denise G. (Warrenton, US)

Season 2 Disc Set (Special Edition)

Melinda S. (Jánoshida, HU)
DVD to Hungary

I am also watching it in Hungarian simultaneously because the dubbing is available in my mother tongue, and now a professional team is doing the dubbing for season 4. Therefore, the English DVDs positively impact my English learning, because I am always driven by curiosity to see what they might be saying. (As an adult, I started learning English through street evangelization because I am now part of an international ecumenical Christian community where English is the main language.) God has also gifted me with a love for the German language, so I often listen to it in German, though sometimes I get confused by the many different dubbing voices. 😊😊well, the DVDs are phenomenal

David R. (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)

I’m so pleased with the Season 2 Disc Set special edition; excellent quality- a great ‘tool’ for me as a priest for evangelism and catechesis, as well as providing good images for prayer and contemplation when reading the Gospel scriptures as lectio divina, Ignatian imagination or Taize type worship. World wide we are a visual generation and culture, so the drama and music makes the gospel stories so accessible to everyone. And because many are time poor in the developed world the easy access and convenience via iPad, iPhone and so on means that individuals and groups can watch and engage at times suitable to for people. Young people in schools and colleges are being introduced to The Chosen too, overcoming the usual scepticism and apathy prevelant in western culture.
So well done and thank you to all The Chosen team and family, this is a godsend and real blessing from God at this turbulent time. Fr David

Lucy Z. (The Bronx, US)

Favorite show!!!! The show changed my life and have a new found relationship and love for Jesus !!!!