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This can also be helpful when you're in a bind and can't remember their clothing size or what items they already own. Give the gift of The Chosen in tandem with the gift of choice!

**Please wait for the "Send a Gift Card" button to load to choose a specific Gift Card.

**Gift Cards are digital only, and will arrive in a separate email from The Chosen.

Deskripsi Produk
Ini juga dapat berguna ketika Anda berada dalam kesulitan dan tidak dapat mengingat ukuran pakaiannya atau barang apa yang sudah mereka miliki. Berikan hadiah The Chosen bersamaan dengan hadiah pilihan! **Kartu Hadiah hanya bersifat digital, dan akan dikirimkan dalam email terpisah dari The Chosen.
Rincian pengiriman

Semua pesanan diproses dalam 2-3 hari kerja.

Pesanan tidak dikirim atau dikirimkan pada akhir pekan atau hari libur.

Jika kami mengalami pesanan dalam jumlah besar, pengiriman mungkin tertunda beberapa hari.

Mohon izinkan hari tambahan dalam perjalanan untuk pengiriman.

Jika terjadi penundaan yang signifikan dalam pengiriman pesanan Anda, kami akan menghubungi Anda melalui email dengan informasi tambahan.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jennifer J
Digital gift card

I love that I was able to purchase the digital gift card in advance but my husband receive the digital gift card in his email the day of our anniversary. It made for a wonderful surprise. I am grateful that it received the email at the time and day that was chosen when I placed the order. ☺️

Jen Reagan
Blessing a Volunteer

I bought the gift card to bless one of our volunteers at church who said he wanted a Chosen hat. It was presented during our Dream Team event. The app made it very easy for me to order and send electronically. Thank you.

So Grateful

It was a wonderful gift to receive. I was able to purchase 2 Christmas gifts for my friends who watch The Chosen. I'll be able to mail them early. I am so very grateful for all that The Chosen in all it's entirety has brought to me.

Colleen Fisher
The Chosen Digital Gift Card

I gave a $100.00 gift card as a present to a friend. This was a WOW moment for her, she just could not believe someone would do something like that for her for no reason. Just after I gave it to her, unfortunately went into the hospital for a week and has not been able to use it.

Jean Lee
Thankful you offer gift cards

I have been able to bless two of my sister's(for their Birthday's) that absolutely love your show as I do with $100.00 gift cards, as we get older it get's harder to buy your loved ones a gift that they will like and also bless The Chosen ministry, they can choose what they want, not get a gift and be like thanks and not really like it, but they love your show and can purchase what suites them and also help pay for future shows, so it's a win win. God Bless the entire team! I'm older and am technology illiterate and I would love to send you pictures of what they purchased from your gift shop but I don't know how to download the pictures from my phone to my laptop, but just know they love their gifts.
Thank You all again for your dedication and Love for Jesus our Lord and Savior!! :-)