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You Are Mine Framed Art 3 Frame Sizes
You Are Mine Framed Art 12x18 and 20x30
You Are Mine Framed Art 8x12 Pearl
You Are Mine Framed Art 8x12 Rustic
You Are Mine Framed Art 8x12 Clove
You Are Mine Framed Art 12x18 Pearl
You Are Mine Framed Art 12x18 Rustic
You Are Mine Framed Art 12x18 Clove
You Are Mine Framed Art 20x30 Pearl
You Are Mine Framed Art 20x30 Rustic
You Are Mine Framed Art 20x30 Clove

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Season 1, Episode One. The ending is the single most impactful moment in The Chosen’s history.

Traumatized so deeply by multiple tragedies and wounds that she changed her identity, Mary Magdalene weeps and collapses into the arms of her Creator. Why? Because he not only called her by her real name, he identified her as his.

Soft Sable
Brushed Gold
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“Jangan takut, karena Aku telah menebusmu. Aku telah memanggilmu dengan nama. Kau milikku." Kata-kata ini bukan hanya untuk Israel, dan bukan hanya untuk karakter Mary di The Chosen…kata-kata ini juga untuk Anda.

Dilukis oleh seniman terkenal Liz Lemon Swindle.

Bahan Bingkai: Polistirena
Cetak: Kertas atau Kanvas


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Carolyn Presley

This is something I have wanted since it became available. “You are Mine” is a perfect depiction of the love that Jesus has for each of us—even me! The quality is excellent and the shipping protection was excellent—I am retired from a shipping company and know how things are sometimes handled.

Heather Compton
You are Mine

The You are Mine is wonderful!…I am a single woman as Mary Magdeline was. The picture cradles me behind my couch and I can feel the spirit of Christ as a meet with Him in the morning

Jane Desmarais
Love it!

I loved this scene in the Chosen episode, it means so much to me to be a child of God. I have hung the picture where I can see it from several rooms as I move around my house. It warms my heart. Thank you, Jane


This reminds me every day that it doesn’t matter how bad I feel God still loves me!

Sue Christie
Love, love, love

I’ve been wanting this ever since it came out. Finally had some extra money and the first thing I did was purchase it. It hangs above our bed and I couldn’t be happier.