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The Chosen Kids Activity Book - Season 2

Buku Aktivitas Anak Terpilih - Musim 2

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If you’re looking for a fun resource to help kids explore the life of Jesus, this is the one. 

Deskripsi Produk

Berdasarkan Season 2 dari The Chosen dan menampilkan Kitab Suci yang memberi semangat, pencarian kata dan pengacakan, labirin, pemecah kode, teka-teki silang, perbandingan gambar, dan banyak lagi akan melibatkan hati dan pikiran – dan menginspirasi pertumbuhan spiritual dan pengembangan karakter.

Detail Produk:

  • Aktivitas Meliputi: 
    • Labirin
    • Penemuan Kata
    • Teka-teki silang
    • Pemecah kode
    • Pesan acak
    • Temukan Perbedaannya
    • Dan masih banyak lagi
  • Usia yang Direkomendasikan: 6-12 tahun
  • Halaman: 160
  • Ukuran: 8,5" x 11"
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    Really neat. Anyone would enjoy it.

    Sher ♥️
    ♥️ SO awesome with APP!

    ♥️ SO awesome for kids, especially when paired with the APP! 😍

    Teresa Ehalt
    Love it!

    My granddaughter and I love working together on this fun activity book!!
    Her face lights up whenever she's reminded of the scenes or the scriptures from the show!!

    Karen Hillenbrand
    Karen Hillenbrand

    This is such a great book! Very good quality and full of fun things for the kids to do! So glad I purchased it!

    Annabelle (.P.
    Best of the Best

    Since I was a child I have loved Religious Shows.
    *King of Kings
    *The Silver Chalice
    *The Robe
    *The Bible
    * The Ten Commandments
    +Jesus of Nazareth
    and others I've forgotten the titles of. Whichever one I saw at my youngest - King of Kings - deeply touch my heart and those feelings have stayed. My favorite was Jesus of Nazareth. The actor gave an outstanding performance.and Jesus was all I could think about. The Movie seemed to stay true to the scriptures.
    Now comes The Chosen . I wasn't too sure I liked this actor that was portraying Jesus. - but the more I watched the more I felt. Jonathan's portrayal of Jesus is SO wonderful and meaningful. It is well written but this actor, for me , I see great depth. It feels like every interaction he has with those around him have so many levels of understanding. Like when he told Mathew to follow him. Even as he called each Apostle - I felt and do believe that the Apostles He chose - He knew them because He spent so much time with them in the pre-existence. So when Mathew looked at Jesus with great surprise "Me? You want me??" Jesus smiles and said "yes, you" I almost expected Jesus to say "Mathew _ I have long loved you and you were foreordained to be one of my.Apostles!! Yes you are to follow me." The look within Jesus as he has called his disciples - men of no great position but humble teachable men who were from basically poor living conditions - I see in His face of one knowing them from before! I love all of the actors ! The show is so well cast that you feel their character - so maybe that is great directing. But they need to go hand in hand. Talent and an understanding of what is happening. The 'who' 'what' ' where when and the whys of each scene.coming together in harmony.
    I definitely give this life changing show 10 Stars. And I love wearing my 'Chosen' Sweatshirts, Tees and my Mug! I lwill continue to pay it forward as I can - my funds are llimited. I also want to support Tim Ballard and the Underground Railroad.
    Thank you for making such a wonderful show about Jesus Christ
    The only thing I beg of you is to change the font PLEASE. It is SO light I can hardly see it. I'm wearing 2 pair of glasses just to try to see. So PLEASE!!!! Messages in printed form NEED to be easy to read. Some people would give up and not read .This is almost impossible to see.
    But truly, again I truly thank you for helping so many of us FEEL Jesus Christ and appreciate all that He went through for each one of us. His great teachings for all of us and his example as He is trying to strength the 12 for the time he won't be with Him. "Greater love harh no man than this - that He lay down His Life for His friends and that he taketh it up again."
    Thank you for breathing life into the Apostles. Great will be their reward!!
    I hope and pray your efforts and desires for the show to be made in over 600 languages, so everyone will come t