Bible Study Guide Season 4: God's Goodness for the Chosen

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Discover the ways God's goodness eclipses our suffering

We see it - if we're looking: the Bible promises that God brings good things out of bad things for the sake of His people and for His glory. But the truth be told, when we personally experience suffering, we have a difficult time believing it. 

In this official companion to season 4 of The Chosen, the groundbreaking television series about the life of Jesus, God's Goodness for the Chosen parallels each episode., revealing how God uses suffering to bring about good in the lives of those He loves. It explores how: 

  • Death is eclipsed by life
  • Grief is eclipsed by praise 
  • Questions are eclipsed by resolve
  • Confusion is eclipsed by grace
  • Temporary things are eclipsed by eternal things
  • Heartbreak is eclipsed by love 
  • Sin is eclipsed by obedience 
  • Pain is eclipsed by the fullness of God's plan 

Just as it was for the early followers of Jesus, suffering is a painful reality of life. But the hard things we experience are always eclipsed by the bigger things God is doing in and through them. Which means even in our suffering we can know and hold fast to how radically good God is. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Antoinette M. (Cleveland, US)


Gayle G. (Agawam, US)
The Chosen Bible Study Season 4

Honestly, I've only skimmed through the book briefly, but we've done Seasons 1-3 already and I personally am blown away by the perspectives and what the writers pull out of each season, for the studies. So....short answer, EXCELLENT!


The Chosen has been a great series of biblical lessons. I have a large group of fellow Catholics who love to get together and use their Chosen workbooks a a wonderful way to engage Jesus in the Word.

Barbara B. (Phoenix, US)
Study guide

Have not read yet, is with my other three until I have seen all the new episodes.

Barbara B. (Palm Harbor, US)
Great Content

I love how in-depth it is. I love the scriptures. I love how the old and new come together seamlessly. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is part of question 1 on page 60 has the definition of confusion on top of it. So, you can't see the whole question.