Comic Book - Season One Episode 1 Book 4

Serietidning - Säsong ett avsnitt 1 bok 4

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In case you missed it, The Chosen has a limited-run comic book series, and our latest issues just dropped (don’t worry, you can still grab the other issues too). This really makes a great gift for someone in your life who hasn't checked out the show yet but might give this a quick read.



  • Säsong 1 - Avsnitt 1 - Bok 4
  • serieförfattare - Ryan Swanson, Tyler Thompson, Dallas Jenkins
  • Pennor - Big Chris
  • Färger - Q Wood
  • Brev - Mclain McGuire
  • Rekommenderad ålder är 8+

Ansvarsfriskrivning: Vissa tittare kan tycka att vissa scener i den grafiska romanen är stötande. Vi rekommenderar en ålder av 8 år och äldre.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Bryan K. (Englewood, US)
Love it

So happy to get a print version of the story!

Kesha R. (Brandywine, US)

These are amazing collectors items.

Susan S. (Indianapolis, US)
Impressive Gift for a Nephew

The six comic books of Season 1 were a gift for my out-of-town nephew. I only had time to briefly peruse the books, but I was impressed with the gorgeous artwork. It really brought the characters to life and look so much like the characters in the series! Very impressive!

Sylvia M.S. (Phoenix, US)
Graphics are great!

I feel the graphics in all of the Comic Books for Episode 1 are outstanding. I think though that perhaps it would be better to combine all of the Episode 1 books into one. I don't understand why they are separate. I am sure my grandson will enjoy them--these will be one of his gifts for his birthday in June.

Edwin M. (Sterling, US)
What a great resource for our youth!

I’m not considered young by no means, but see the significance this has to offer our youth! Praise God & keep it up! Hope to see more than season one SOON!