The Chosen Season 2 Soundtrack (CD)
The Chosen Season 2 Soundtrack (CD)

The Chosen Säsong 2 Soundtrack (CD)

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Revisit some of the most impactful moments from The Chosen when you listen to the Season 2 soundtrack. Composers Matthew S. Nelson and Dan Hasteltine take us inside the experience of Jesus and his followers, connecting us to each character’s emotional journey.


Säsong 2 innehåller också sång från Ruby Amanfu (du känner henne från den ikoniska "Walk on Water"), och vi har en speciell bonus för dig - en helt ny version av fanfavoriten "Trouble" ” framförd av bandet Lower Saints.


Låtar: Produktpaketet anger 20 låtar - men de 15 nedan är det faktiska antalet.

  • Gå på vattnet
  • Han är borta
  • Åskans söner
  • Synagogan
  • Arkitekten
  • Jesus och Moder Maria
  • Bröder Montage 
  • Mord
  • Demonisk
  • Marias förlåtelse
  • Whethered Hand Blues
  • Jesus fängslad
  • Saligprisningsmontage
  • Mångfald
  • Trouble (förlängd version) (med The Lower Saints)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Deborah M. (Nashville, US)

Absolutely awesome. When listening to the soundtrack you can experience all the emotional parts of the seasons episodes but most of all the presence & love of Jesus all around you right where you are. And the tears that flow are tears of cleansing , joy & adoration for who Jesus really is. Can't wait to get soundtrack for seasons 3 & 4.


Love the music.

Fatou D. (Plainfield, US)
The Chosen Season 2 Soundtrack

I simply love it. It is a wonderful companion to season 2. It is well done. I am so happy I was able to gift a very good friend of mine for Christmas

Pat M. (Wilmore, US)
The Chosen Season 2 Soundtrack (CD)

I've only listened to the Christmas & Season soundtracks. 'give them about a 4-5 Star rating.

Jane S. (Sardinia, US)

I love the music...but it doesn't do any of it justice without people in with it. You took a little survey with the actors on and no music. Same way with the music. Now I knew what was being said bc I've watched all 3 seasons at least 100 times! Not good unless they're both hand in hand. The music is great. Sorry, but that is just my humble 69 yr.old opinion. Thank you for letting me at least hear the difference. Great musicians!!