The Chosen Season 4 Poster

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We heard how much you loved the poster at theaters. Now you can bring it home. We’re telling Jesus’ story in thousands (and thousands) of pictures, but if we had to boil Season 4 down to just one, this would be it—Jesus encircled by his closest followers and fiercest opponents. It’s a season of conflict. Of light and dark side by side. A striking collage.

Two Posters included (11 x 17 & 22 x 28")

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Allie O. (Phoenixville, US)
Proudly on the wall

Love love the posters
One for living room one for bedroom

They remind me to read my Bible

Brad F. (Jackson, US)

Loved this poster

Sammy K. (Marietta, US)
It's awesome

The Season 4 Poster looks great, can't wait for Season 5!

Kathy B. (Memphis, US)
My poster

Absolutely love it! I was asking for it at the theater. Now I’m happy

Sandra F. (Salt Lake City, US)

Love it! Have the smaller one on my refrigerator, my grandchildren look at it and when they have questions I love talking about Jesus with them!!