The Chosen Season 3 Soundtrack (CD)
The Chosen Season 3 Soundtrack (CD)
The Chosen Season 3 Soundtrack (CD)
The Chosen Season 3 Soundtrack (CD)

Le canzoni scelte Stagione 3 (CD)

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Whether you want to move with the disciples to the bluesy rock of “F5K,” or get swept up with King David into the majesty of “The Most High,” it's all here.

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Colonna sonora della terza stagione

La terza stagione ci porta davvero a fare una passeggiata sull'acqua. I nostri compositori, Dan e Matt, hanno catturato i momenti più alti e bassi di Gesù e dei suoi seguaci in modo così bello nella loro colonna sonora, e ora puoi godertela.

Che tu voglia spostarti con i discepoli verso il rock blues di "F5K" o lasciarti trasportare da King David nella maestosità di "The Most High", è tutto qui.

Elenco brani:

  • Cammina sull'acqua
  • La decisione di Matteo
  • Andrea fa visita a John
  • Avviso sul tetto
  • Conversazioni difficili
  • Cerchio di Davide
  • Leggenda della città natale
  • Gesù ricorda Giuseppe
  • Segni e prodigi
  • Chi mi ha toccato?
  • Veronica nuota
  • Shula e Barnaby
  • Gesù attira una folla
  • F5K
  • Camminando sull'acqua
  • L'Altissimo

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Customer Reviews

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David C. (Hawthorne, US)
Music that integrates perfectly with the subject material

The Season 3 Soundtrack is wonderful. In my opinion, The Chosen series is the greatest production in history. It covers the very best subject material in history in a beautiful, tasteful, artistic manner, both maintaining the integrity of the original story and expanding on it to fill in details of the characters' day-to-day experience. And the music is equal to all of the other elements that make it great. I think my favorite sequence in Season 3 is the b&w footage at the start of Episode 4 in which the disciples perform miracles. It's very moving and aesthetically pleasing, and the music, "Signs and Wonders," conveys the emotion beautifully in the absence of dialog. I love the Peter Gabriel vibe in that piece. Another favorite of mine is "Veronica Swims". Thank you all for this wonderful series. I looped all three seasons for over a month recently. YouTube video placeholder

I love these soundtracks. They fill me with peace.

Laura H. (Amarillo, US)

The Chosen Songs Season 3 (CD)

Lucille L. (Kennedale, US)

Excellent music

Linda T. (Jacksonville, US)
Linda T

I have the CD's for Seasons 1-3 and love them all. They helps me to remember what I have seen in each Season.