The Chosen Novel (Season 3)- And I Will Give You Rest (PB)

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To the Pharisees, Jesus is a blasphemer. To the Roman authorities, he’s a threat to their rule and order. But to the masses, he’s a miraculous healer and a profound teacher.

In this third installment of The Chosen series, we see Jesus healing the sick, preaching the Sermon on the Mount, feeding the five thousand, and raising the dead. We see his enemies growing ever more determined to silence him. And we see his very human disciples struggling with their own questions and concerns, believing in but not yet understanding their Messiah. 

Based on the acclaimed TV series The Chosen, the most amazing story ever told—the life of Jesus—gets a fresh, new telling from New York Times bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins.

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  • The official novel based on Season 3
  • 5.5 x 8.5 dimensions
  • 416 pages
  • Paperback

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Diane Goetz
Love it!

I love reading the novels after I have watched the movie. I am about halfway through novel 3 and I am loving it!

Karen Rosenhagen

I so enjoy the novels as I study the DVD’s. Some things I don’t always hear but the novel helps. Thank you

Pattie Munnikhuysen
Helpful as a companion to DVD

The book shares the “thoughts” of the characters which is very interesting. Our class has seen Season 3 individually, but chose to watch it as a group during this Thanksgiving /Christmas time period as an enjoyable resting period. We are all still amazed at the things that pop out at us even though we’ve seen the movie several times. For instance, seeing Jesus surrounded by unbelievers as he’s escorted out of the synagogue towards the Precipice to be killed vs seeing Jesus being paraded from Jerusalem toward the cross. Another instance is the comments from Gaius about Atticus….”why is he always eating “. My thoughts exactly, how rude!
Love all you products and enjoy sharing them and giving as gifts

Colleen Fisher
The Chosen And I Will Give You Rest

Season 3 novel, so deeply detailed. Mr. Jinkens did it once again. He has transported me back into Isreal, living like and feeling like the people. Hungry for the Messiah. The picture he paints with each word on every page is in a style only Mr. Jinkens can deliver.

Wendy Henry
Haven't read yet, but...

It is a Christmas Gift to myself and It is wrapped for Christmas morning. I can't give a review at this time, but I know it is going to be fantastic, just like the other two season books were. Thank you.