Three Fish Mug + Coffee Set

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We don’t know how you take your coffee—but here’s how you give it.

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We’re not big on superlatives, but we gotta be honest with you:

  • This mug feels awesome (cool rubber matte finish)
  • This coffee tastes awesome (Brazilian dark roast)
  • This box looks awesome (great presentation)

Yeah, that’s three awesomes in a row. But there’s going to be a fourth when you send this gift to a loved one.

So strong  Jalein will... 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 369 reviews
Carissa H. (San Marcos, US)
Three Fish, 7 days a week!

Although my delicious coffee has long been consumed, I really love using my Three Fish mug every single day. I pour my coffee & turn on The Chosen playlist on my iTunes while I sip and read books in the morning. It is my most favorite time of the day! Always accompanying my mug of coffee is a big ole Three Fish tumbler full of water - my all day companion. In the evening I use my smaller tumbler for a treat of soda and it stays cold the entire time. Such great quality products! I love these items so much and love to show them off so I created a video of my amazing merch to The Chosen theme song and shared it on all of my social media platforms.

Becky S. (Mantua, US)

I love the coffee set!! And the tumbler is wonderful! I use it a lot!!

Boots T. (San Antonio, US)
Fisherman’s Blend forever!

This coffee gift set is AWESOME. Beautiful mugs and EVERYBODY loved the Fisherman’s Blend. Chosen Gifts needs to sell this great tasting coffee all the time! (Along with Ima’s cinnamon cakes!)

Customer (Nanticoke, US)
great gift

great gift that sends a message

Mollie D. (Albany, US)
Delicious coffee!

Love my chosen mug! The only to make it better would be making it dishwasher safe. The coffee is delicious!