The Shepherd - A Chosen Story
NEW The Shepherd - A Chosen Story
NEW The Shepherd - A Chosen Story
NEW The Shepherd - A Chosen Story

NEW The Shepherd - A Chosen Story

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Shepherds were dirty and stinky and poor. They were lowly. But God doesn’t care what we look like. Or how old we are. Or where we’re from. Or how much money we have. He loves us no matter what. 

Which is why a lowly shepherd and his lowly sheep, on a lowly hill, in a lowly town, on the very first Christmas, got to be first in line to meet the Savior of the world. And then the lowly shepherd got to tell everybody else. 

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The Shepherd - A Chosen Story


Based on the pilot episode of the groundbreaking TV show, The Chosen, this book will provide little readers with a new experience of the Christmas story from the perspective of the shepherds. Like them, we’ve been chosen by God to be part of the greatest story ever told.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews
Melinda S. (Jánoshida, HU)
" The Shepherd " book to Hungary

So, I am progressing very slowly because I am a full-time Montessori teacher with little ones, aged 3-6, which is a mentally demanding job for 45 hours a week. Besides, I'm doing Charis Bible College online in Hungarian and am the kids ministry leader at the Equippers church I now attend in Budapest. The Book is great, a big thank you for it. I plan to show it for the kids to fathers day and translate it to hungarian and spain, because we are international. We have a lot, more than the half from the families are without father..., brocken families, and this is why i would share just good news about the lovely heavenly father for them...hmmmm heartbreaking. Greetings, Melinda ( Noa )

Karen G. (Lebanon, US)
The Shepherd & Jesus loves the Children

I love both children's books I ordered. They were a gift for someone & he really liked them!

Charlotte G. (Houston, US)
Well Written

The book is well written and beautifully illustrated. It tells the story of Jesus’ special love for children. I give this book to parents to read to their newborns and their older children. This book is one that can be passed down through families.

PatriciA M. (Fuquay-Varina, US)
The Shepherd

So wonderful! My granddaughter Mattie loves the book! So sweet and it reminds me of Gods love!

Christina C. (Los Angeles, US)

This sweet book tells Dallas’ The Shepherd story as a children’s book. It’s so sweet, has a powerful message about the low being lifted up and I love its diverse characters and illustrations. My kids love reading it year round.