Sons of Thunder Crewneck Sweatshirt

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James and John turned their nickname from bad to good…then we turned it into a gift for you.

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“Thunder in your chests, exploding out of you at every turn. In fact, I think that’s what I’ll call you from now on—James and John, the Sons of Thunder.” - Jesus in Season 2, Episode One

We’re not making this up. Because of their bad tempers, Jesus actually gave these brothers their thundry nickname. But under His influence, they also changed the meaning of that name.

Strong passion ultimately got redirected from anger to righteous action, and “Sons of Thunder” became a badge of honor…then one of our coolest gift designs ever. ;)

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Customer Reviews

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Natania A. (Rochester, US)
Giving Sons of Thunder a new (COZY) meaning..

Ready to #TealOut for Season 4 episodes 4 - 6 this week! Love this crewneck- the material is so soft (similar to the hoodies). It's so comfortable, and it arrived faster than I expected!

Mary N. (Provo, US)

Sons of Thunder Crewneck Sweatshirt

Cindy C. (Portland, US)

As always, The Chosen gifts are superb! I love giving them away but I also love wearing them myself❣️👏🤗

Carol A. (Columbus, US)
Outstanding quality!

Such a lovely shirt! I’ve been wearing it over a turtleneck the past few days as it hasn’t warmed up yet! So comfortable, washes well. This makes my 8th sweatshirt from y’all. I keep coming back for more!

Mary J. (Jacksonville, US)
Sons of Thunder sweatshirt

Love it! Super soft and fits well. It’s also a lighter weight material which I like