Season Three Standard DVD or Blu-ray
The Chosen Season Three Standard DVD
The Chosen Season Three Standard Blu-ray
Season Three Standard DVD or Blu-ray WOMEN
Season Three Standard DVD or Blu-ray
Season Three Standard DVD or Blu-ray

Season 3 DVD or Blu-ray

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“Come to me…I will give you rest.” —Matthew 28:11

Jesus promises rest to His followers—but that doesn’t mean there won’t be trouble along the way.

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Season Three

In Season 3, all 12 disciples face new fears and entrenched, old ways when Jesus sends them on their first mission. But each faces his own unique burden, too: Matthew’s estrangement from family, Little James’ unhealed disability, Simon Z’s unresolved past, and Simon and Eden’s marriage crisis— just to name a few.

Meanwhile, scores of newcomers like Veronica and Jairus desperately seek Jesus for relief from crushing crises and heavy-handed authorities, religious and Roman. Thousands ultimately converge on Jesus, first to argue then to listen. But as His preaching extends to the next day, they find themselves in a new predicament—far from home, famished, and without any food to eat.

Until a little boy with five loaves and two fishes shows up...

What's Inside: 

  • The Chosen Season Three
  • 3-disc DVD or Blu-ray
  • 8 episodes of Season 3
  • English subtitles available
  • Region free
  • Total run time: 535 minutes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 497 reviews
JAROLD M. (Porter, US)

I was battling cancer when I saw Season One. The timing was perfect, and The Chosen was there every week with inspiration that helped me back to spiritual and physical health. The next two seasons helped continue my spiritual growth.
May God bless all. YouTube video placeholder
Customer (Richland, US)
We were excited to be a part of the 5x2

Of course, by now we are hooked. We booked a spot to be on the Feeding of the 5,000 with our son, daughter-in-law and their 3 daughters. We paid our air fare, our lodging, and made our own costumes. We sat in the hot, hot sun all day, we never met any actors and sat so far back we can't even see ourselves in the crowd, but it was well worth it for a special memory with out family. Chosen treated us well and even provide entertainment for the times we weren't needed.

Rhonda E.

Season 3 DVD or Blu-ray

Emily A.G. (North Olmsted, US)

I can't say how grateful I am for this series, it brought me back to reading Scripture

Chrys A. (Pascoag, US)
Loving Having These 3 Seasons

I’m so delighted to have the 3 seasons of The Chosen so that I can continue to watch them again and again, learning something new each time. I can hardly wait to see season 4!