Season 3 | Special Edition Disc Set

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Five loaves. Two fish. Impossible math.

Tuotteen Kuvaus

Five loaves. Two fish. Impossible math.

Jesus delivers a sermon that will change the world. The result? Life gets harder for His followers. From a marital crisis at home to a disastrous mission abroad, their struggles leave them weary and weighed down…until a little boy with five loaves and two fishes shows up.

Along with all eight episodes, this Season 3 Special Edition includes:

  • All eight episodes 
  • The Making of Season 3 special feature 
  • Walking on Water documentary
  • The original scripts 
  • Bible Roundtable discussions of the full season
  • Behind-the-scenes photo gallery
  • Sounds of the Story—the ability watch with the musical score only
  • Audio and subtitles available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Region Free 
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Bonnie M. (Homer City, US)

SO GLAD I bought this!


Love The Chosen products always!

Sharon N. (Boulder, US)

Love love love it !!!

David S. (Saint Thomas, US)

Season 3 | Special Edition Disc Set

KELLY C. (Caruthers, US)
Cool New Cover Sleeve

Not sure if that's what it's called, but I was surprised to see it on there. It as a lot of great extra content. I do wish Season 2 & 3 had the option with the added info at the bottom which you watch that Season 1 had. You know were as you watch the show it'll give the Bible verses or definitions of words, or tell you what was cultural tradition and not in the Bible. Those were really interesting and helpful at our "The Chosen" Watch Parties.