Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set - Front
Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set - Back
Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set - Half Open
Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set - Open Full
Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set - Open Full v2
Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set
Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set
Season 2 | Special Edition Disc Set

Season 2 Disc Set (Special Edition)

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From the box it comes in, to the content on each of the six(!) discs, you’ll immediately find that this DVD collection is truly special.

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These 6-disc Special Edition Sets feature the highest quality presentation available on DVD/Blu-ray and includes the complete selection of bonus features available on disc, with hours of bonus content.

Product Details:

Housed in packaging that features beautiful images from Season 2, the collection includes:

  • All eight episodes 
  • Our Christmas Episode, “The Messengers”
  • Added commentary from Dallas Jenkins, creator of The Chosen
  • An exclusive roundtable with Chosen actors
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of the making of Season 2
  • A 25-minute documentary, featuring Dallas and the cast and crew
  • Roundtables with our Bible experts
  • Audio and subtitles available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Region Free
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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Debra R. (Charleston, US)
Life changing Series!

I own all the DVDs produced by the Chosen . However, decided to order all three seasons of The Chosen on DVD, BluRay, Special Boxed sets as well… I have pre- ordered Season 4 and I understand it’s being delayed… that is fine! I am waiting anxiously!! The Chosen Series has been a WONDERFUL BLESSING in my life..! THANK YOU Dallas, writers, crew, and cast for a show that I I will cherish for the rest of my life ✝️🙏🏼❤️

Robin H. (Edgewood, US)

Season 2 Disc Set (Special Edition)

Marysue B. (Ocean Shores, US)
DVDs for seasons 1,2,3 sent to Peru

We just returned from Peru and one of the goals we had was to get seasons 1,2,3 to a remote jungle near the Brazilian/Bolivian border. There is a small public library ran by missionaries in the jungle town of Puerto Maldonado that is overjoyed to receive this set of DVDs. They can get 70-100 kids a day visiting this Christian Learning Center/Library and now they have the latest, awesome history of Jesus and his disciples to show. This Center has free admission, so The Chosen series is now available to everyone in that area. Also, several pastors in the area plan to borrow the series for their own church reunions. Many thanks for making these DVDs in Spanish and zone-free.

Jessica T. (Columbus, US)
Chosen season 2

Wonderful in every way! My entire family watched it together! Ages 12-43!

Diane P. (Waynesville, US)
A way to share

I have had access through the app to all the material that is on the discs. I have watched them all many times (I especially love the Bible roundtables for deeper understanding and perspective of the scripture). I bought all three complete special edition of the seasons so I would have tools to share with those who do not have access any other way. I also hope to use some of the scenes to enhance my teaching in Sunday school class (I teach adult women).