Oh I'm Just Getting Started Hoodie

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Did you hear that? That’s the sound of a mic dropping. We turned one of Jesus’ most Pharisee-head-turning, Sanhedrin-shaking Season 4 moments into the perfect hoodie.

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“Take it back, right now. Recant your insulting words.”

“Oh, I am just getting started!” -Jesus, speaking to the Pharisees in Season 4, Episode 3.

This soft hoodie may be comfortable, but Jesus’ warning is anything but. It’s a challenge to the hypocrisy of the religious leaders—and an invitation to a better way. When you wear this bold statement, we guarantee people will notice—and your conversations about The Chosen are…just getting started.

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Customer Reviews

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Phyllis L. (Middlefield, US)
Excellent gift

The Oh I'm Just Getting Started Hoodie is fantastic. It is a great conversational piece. The hoodie is a perfect fit. A great additional to all the other hoodies I own!!

Cindy M. (Yakima, US)
A great hoodie!

I really like this hoodie. It is well made and very cozy. The message on the front is a great conversation starter. You need one!

Lance G. (Griffin, US)
Getting Started

Y’all are doing an amazing job telling the story of the Greatest man that ever lived!!! Keep doing what you’re doing, making Heaven bigger with every episode.


The hoodie fit perfectly in the fabric is glorious!

GLORIA B. (Waco, US)

I love all my gifts