NEW The Chosen Novel (Season 1)  I Have Called You by Name (PB)

NEW The Chosen Novel (Season 1) I Have Called You by Name (PB)

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Based on the acclaimed TV series The Chosen, the most amazing story ever told—the life of Jesus—gets a fresh, new telling from New York Times bestselling
author Jerry B. Jenkins.

What was it like to encounter Jesus face-to-face? How would he have made you feel, changed your way of thinking about God? Would he have turned your world upside down? Journey to Galilee in the first century.

See the difference he made in the lives of those he called to follow him and how they were forever transformed. Experience the life and power of the perfect Son of God as never before—through the eyes of everyday people just like you.

Product Details:

  • The official novel based on Season 1 
  • 5.5 x 8.5 dimensions
  • 384 pages
  • Paperback

* This product's main font size is 11pt *

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Jane M. (Versailles, US)
I Have Called You By Name

Helps me to grasp the episode better.

Kathryn M. (Miami, US)
Excited to get started

Haven’t gotten start on my books yet, but I’m really excited about all of them.

Linda S. (Norman, US)
What a delight!

Jerry Jenkins did a masterful job of tying the Christmas specials into the first season of The Chosen. This is one more brilliant example of how The Chosen finds the threads of the Bible and weaves them together in meaningful ways so we can absorb God’s Good News and effectively share it with others. I am so grateful for The Chosen in novel form. I can reread sections as I like and contemplate on them as well as hunt for details I want to clarify in my mind. Of course, all of that is on top of just enjoying some really good reading! Keep the novels coming!

KAREN M. (Macomb, US)
Get it.

I feel like I am seeing the movie as I read it. It brings it to even more understanding and comfort to my life.

Emily B. (Lafayette, US)

It’s so good. Can’t wait to read it again!!!