The Chosen Season 2 Soundtrack (CD)

The Chosen Songs Season 2 (CD)

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Revisit some of the most impactful moments from The Chosen when you listen to the Season 2 soundtrack. Composers Matthew S. Nelson and Dan Hasteltine take us inside the experience of Jesus and his followers, connecting us to each character’s emotional journey.

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Season Two Soundtrack

Season 2 also features the vocals of Ruby Amanfu (you know her from the iconic “Walk on Water”), and we’ve got a special bonus for you—an entirely new rendition of fan-favorite “Trouble” performed by the band The Lower Saints.

Product Details:

Songs: Product Package indicates 20 songs - but the 15 below is actual amount.

  • Walk on the Water
  • He’s Gone
  • The Sons of Thunder
  • The Synagogue
  • The Architect
  • Jesus and Mother Mary
  • Brothers Montage 
  • Assassination
  • Demoniac
  • Mary’s Forgiveness
  • Withered Hand Blues
  • Jesus Detained
  • Beatitudes Montage
  • Multitudes
  • Trouble (extended version) (featuring The Lower Saints)

The Chosen Season 2 Soundtrack can also be downloaded on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews

Listening to the recordings brings back the scenes of the shows. It’s very moving.


Love it!


The music from ALL of The Chosen seasons are just incredible! I have to rewind often because of the tears of joy and love it invokes.

Deborah M. (Nashville, US)

Absolutely awesome. When listening to the soundtrack you can experience all the emotional parts of the seasons episodes but most of all the presence & love of Jesus all around you right where you are. And the tears that flow are tears of cleansing , joy & adoration for who Jesus really is. Can't wait to get soundtrack for seasons 3 & 4.


Love the music.