Get Used to Different Stainless Steel Teal 20 oz. Tumbler

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Taste and see that the Lord is…different. He ate and drank with sinners; was the life of the party who turned water to wine, and offered himself as living water to the Samaritan woman at the well.

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“Get used to different.” That’s what Jesus told Simon in Season 1, Episode Seven when he was sour about Matthew being forgiven of his past and invited to a brand new future. Jesus had come to take away their bitterness and make everything different. 

And when people ask you about this cup, you can tell them how Jesus has made all the difference to you. 

Crafted of double-walled stainless steel with a durable teal finish, you won’t need a different tumbler anytime soon.

*Straw sold separately.

Product Details:

  • Hot duration 6 hours
  • Cold duration 5 hours
  • Stainless steel
  • Durable plastic lid
  • 20 oz. - 3.5” Diameter x 6.8” Tall (8.89*17.27 cm), and small lid
  • Straw sold separately
  • NOT dishwasher safe
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
cathy w. (Grove, US)
Get used to different tumbler

It is just as advertised. I love it. Beautiful color. Perfect Size.

Maria B. (Wilkes-Barre, US)

I use my tumbler everyday filled with ice water. It helps me to drink more. My daughter got married this weekend and I needed a vase in a pinch afterwards for a bridesmaid bouquet. I was thrilled when I realized I had a mobile vase with me all along! Love The Chosen!

Sharon Q. (Colorado Springs, US)

Get Used to Different Stainless Steel Teal 20 oz. Tumbler

Sally S. (Beckley, US)

It works great for cold drinks

Katie C. (Los Angeles, US)
Lovin’ the New Tumbler!

I’ve had the privilege of using the 20 oz. tumbler for about three weeks now and I LOVE IT!! It does precisely what it’s advertised to do, the water stays nice and chilled for hours, and the lid stays in place beautifully. The water doesn’t spill out even when I turn the tumbler upside down. An added bonus is that I’m drinking more water now just because the tumbler is so cool ;)