Against the Current Bracelet Silver

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Inspired by The Chosen's Against the Current design, the single teal link vibrantly breaks up the pattern - just as each woman in the Starfish Project has broken free from a cycle of abuse. 

Wear this bracelet to proudly support these women on their journey. 

Thank you for giving hope. 
  • 14k gold plated brass and enamel bracelet
  • 6.7+1.2 inches (extends to 8 inches)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Kelsey N. (Minneapolis, US)

It is so pretty!! I love wearing it!!

Barbara S. (Sumter, US)
Gave as a gift

I gave this gift to a dear Chosen fan friend and she loved it!!!

Brenda B. (Nashville, US)

I love my bracelet. I only wish that it came with a longer section to fasten. Some wrists are larger than others. It fits, just would be easier for me to get on if it was just a little longer. Love the show and had the opportunity to see season 4 in the theater with friends.

Vanessa M. (Springtown, US)
Enjoying my bracelet

I think the design is pretty and simple. But I somehow snagged it and broke the extension chain. ⛓️‍💥 I have an idea that you order the bracelet in a size to fit your wrist and then you can include a small extension chain that can be added should you need to enlarge the bracelet for any reason ex like you might want to wear it for a ankle bracelet on occasions. Any how I will get it fixed and start wearing it again. I miss it not being on my arm. I like the feel of it and the way it looks.

Jennifer P. (San Antonio, US)

I love it!! It is so pretty and elegant, while still being simple.