Against the Current Bracelet Gold

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Inspired by The Chosen's Against the Current design, the single teal link vibrantly breaks up the pattern - just as each woman in the Starfish Project has broken free from a cycle of abuse. 

Wear this bracelet to proudly support these women on their journey. 

Thank you for giving hope. 

  • 14k gold plated brass and enamel bracelet
  • 6.7+1.2 inches (extends to 8 inches)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Cindy (Grand Forks, US)
So Very Nice!

A very beautiful bracelet! I have received many compliments about and have been able to share what it means. Thank you for putting jewelry in the gift store.

Kristine T. (San Antonio, US)
Love this!

I absolutely love my bracelet. The enclosed message from the Starfish Project made it SO much more special. Thank you for making this part of your gift line and helping victims of human trafficking rebuild their lives. I 100% support this effort. Thank you for spreading God's love in all the ways you do!

Amy M. (York, US)
Very Delicate and Beautiful!

This is an update to my previous review for the Against the Current bracelet. As I always wear this bracelet, l had it on when I was hiking. When l got ready to head down the mountain and was putting my backpack on I found my bracelet had broken and was laying beside my pack. I saw that it had broken between one of the fish links. Well, l prayed I would be able to repair it and l was able to. Thank the Lord. So just be careful that you don’t snag your bracelet on anything because it is very delicate. But I absolutely love it!

Denise S. (Palm Beach Gardens, US)
Sweet, sweet bracelet!

I love, love, love my new bracelet and was soooo excited to see jewelry added to the Gift Shop. Thank you, thank you. Hoping there will be a matching ring, earrings and/or a necklace to follow.

Pat M. (Paradise, US)

Understated enough for people to question it and want to look at it