Three Fish 40 oz Tumbler
Three Fish 40 oz Tumbler
Three Fish 40 oz Tumbler
Three Fish 40 oz Tumbler
Three Fish 40 oz Tumbler
Three Fish 40 oz Tumbler

Vaso Tres Pescados de 40 oz

Precio regular $39.99
Precio de venta $39.99 Precio regular

You can say a lot with just three fish.

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Descripción del Producto

Se puede decir mucho con sólo tres peces. Esta ilustración simplificada de Against the Current se ha convertido rápidamente en uno de nuestros diseños más populares. Tus compañeros fanáticos de Elegidos lo reconocerán de inmediato y otros seguramente preguntarán: "¿Qué pasa con el pescado?" Lo puedes tomar de ahí.

Detalles del producto:

  • Duración caliente 6 horas.
  • Duración del frío 5 horas.
  • Acero inoxidable
  • Tapa de plástico duradera
  • 40 onzas - "Diámetro x" Alto (cm), y tapa grande
  • NO apto para lavavajillas
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1596 reviews
Me (Jacksonville, US)
Love the tumbler and the lid. Don’t love the straw

Pros: The tumbler is great. Love the 3 fish on it. The lid is great with an option to have a straw or sip from. Doesn’t appear to be leaky.
Cons: The straw. It is metal with little tabs at the bottom to keep it from coming out. That is totally a pain because you have to take the rubber cover off to pull the straw through the opening. Glad to have the rubber however I don’t prefer that on a straw. Maybe not a big deal to some folks though.

All in all it is fine. We got ours as a free gift for seeing in the theaters. I’m not sure I would be as generous with my stars if I paid $40 for it.

Carissa H. (San Marcos, US)
Big Ole drink!!

This is by far the best “water bottle” I’ve ever used. Sure, it’s not really a bottle but it’s what I use to drink water in all day long. This 40 oz tumbler is refilled at LEAST twice a day so I know for sure that I’m getting my required daily serving of H2O! It keeps my water cool, even overnight! (Yes…I keep it filled and on my nightstand at bedtime too). It’s such a simple yet beautiful design with the 3 fish on one side and The Chosen on the other. Love it!

Customer (Mexico City, MX)
Beautiful cup and it fits in the cup holder!

Really love the design of the cup. Very functional. Only disappointment was it cannot go in the dishwasher. Love that it fits in the cupholder.

Isabella M. (Newport News, US)
Cup of my dreams

I absolutely LOVE this cup!! And I cannot wait to show it off at work and hopefully share the chosen with my coworkers🤞🏼🩵

Harold M. (Vancleave, US)
Perfect!!! Thank You!!!

This is the perfect to go cup to keep my coffee hot!!!