The Chosen Season 4 Poster

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We heard how much you loved the poster at theaters. Now you can bring it home. We’re telling Jesus’ story in thousands (and thousands) of pictures, but if we had to boil Season 4 down to just one, this would be it—Jesus encircled by his closest followers and fiercest opponents. It’s a season of conflict. Of light and dark side by side. A striking collage.

Two Posters included (11 x 17 & 22 x 28")

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Customer Reviews

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Lauren C. (Waukesha, US)
beautiful poster!

The listing says it comes with two posters (
1 being 11x17" and the other being 22x28"). Since that's what the website said I naturally assumed that was correct. I went out and purchased two poster frames only to see that one did not fit. The supposed 22x28' was not even close to that size! It is 36x24"! I'm in love with the posters but I am upset about this mistake. Now instead of being able to hang my poster, I now have to go return the frame, find a new one that fits, and buy that one! Very disappointed on that end but happy with the poster overall.


Absolutely stunning!