Against the Current Chosen Long Sleeve
Against the Current Chosen Long Sleeve Black
Against the Current Chosen Long Sleeve Women's Black
Against The Current Chosen Long Sleeve Black V-neck
Against the Current Chosen Long Sleeve - Smile
Against the Current Chosen Long Sleeve - Men
Against the Current Chosen Long Sleeve - Family
Against the Current Chosen Long Sleeve - Women
Against the Current Chosen Long Sleeve - Black Men

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You’ve seen the story of The Chosen told in one iconic image – thirteen fish swimming against the current.

It’s the story of Jesus and his disciples, of course, but it can be your story, too.

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Ahora es tu historia la que contar cuando uses esta camisa súper cómoda y bien confeccionada.   

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  • Negro/Carbón jaspeado Manga larga Adulto—3.8 oz., 50/25/25 poliéster/airlume peinado y algodón/rayón hilado en anillos
  • Negro/Carbón jaspeado Manga larga para mujer—50/25/25 poliéster/airlume peinado y ring spun algodón/rayón
  • Negro/Carbón jaspeado Manga larga juvenil: 4,2 oz., 50/25/25  poliéster/airlume peinado y ring spun algodón/rayón
  • Adulto de manga larga verde azulado: 5,4 oz., 50/25/25  poliéster/airlume peinado y ring spun algodón/rayón
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The Chosen Gifts Size Guide

Manga larga

Tamaño Cofre Longitud del cuerpo
Longitud de la manga
S 20 pulgadas
28 pulgadas
26 pulgadas
21 pulgadas
29 pulgadas
26,5 pulgadas
22 pulgadas
30 pulgadas
27 pulgadas
23 pulgadas
31 pulgadas
27,5 pulgadas
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28 pulgadas
25 pulgadas
33 pulgadas
28,5 pulgadas
26 pulgadas
34 pulg
29 pulgadas
27 pulgadas
34 pulgadas
29,5 pulgadas


Manga larga - Juvenil

Tamaño Cofre Longitud del cuerpo
Longitud de la manga
15,25 pulgadas
21 pulgadas
21 pulgadas
16,25 pulgadas
22 pulgadas
21,5 pulgadas
17,25 pulg
23 pulgadas
23 pulgadas


Manga larga - Mujer

Tamaño Cofre Longitud del cuerpo
17,5 pulg
22,5 pulgadas
18,25 pulgadas
24 pulgadas
19 pulgadas
26 pulgadas



Customer Reviews

Based on 1027 reviews
Marianne J. (Daniels, US)
Women’s “CHOSEN” Tee

I Love my “Chosen” Tee! It’s so soft and comfy and I get many compliments from friends and strangers whenever I wear it.
People often start up a conversation with me about the series, which is a great start to a day when we begin talking about Jesus and those great scenes in the Chosen Series. I love that Series on TV and I thank God for the talents and blessings bestowed upon the entire production crew (writers, producers, directors, actors, sponsors, etc.) responsible for putting this remarkable series together. The stories and actors and scenery bring the Bible to vibrant believable life. It’s astounding and I am so thankful to be able to view this in my lifetime. I cry and laugh with the characters and take their messages with me in my heart so many times. Many times the messages actually help me through times of grief or stress or uncertainty; reminding me to just keep holding on with Faith. With God all things are possible. And I thank Jesus for reminding us….. So buy a few shirts and take that love with you wherever you go. You’ll be presently surprised. 💗

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Sissy C. (Miami, US)

Love it. All your apparel is great quality and has become my workout gear because of how comfortable, the fabulous fit and of course the message

William G.H. (Murrieta, US)
My wife loves these tees@

Tee & long sleeve tee are well made & fit well@

Anonymous (Perth, AU)

Me and my daughter love our long sleeve shirts. I work in a South African store in Australia. Every time I have my “against the current” shirt on in the shop, I get a few responses. Some of new people, some of old Chosen family.
The last time I had in on, 3 people downloaded the App that day.
Will definitely order again!

God bless you wonderful people !
Noelé Ferreira

Thomas S.J. (Detroit, US)

Love the shirt. And the show. Looking forward to next season.