Comic Book - Season One Episode 1 Book 2
Comic Book - Season One Episode 1 Book 2
Comic Book - Season One Episode 1 Book 2
Comic Book - Season One Episode 1 Book 2
Comic Book - Season One Episode 1 Book 2
Comic Book - Season One Episode 1 Book 2
Comic Book - Season One Episode 1 Book 2

Cómic - Temporada uno Episodio 1 Libro 2

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Do you have a skeptic in your life that won’t take the time to watch the show? This comic book is a great way to show them just how different The Chosen is. The artists’ work beautifully captures the essence of the show.

Descripción del Producto

Estos cómics son una excelente manera de presentar The Chosen a adolescentes, preadolescentes y a todos los demás. Los números 1 a 6 cubren el episodio uno y se publicarán mensualmente.

Detalles del producto:

  • Escritores de cómics: Ryan Swanson, Tyler Thompson, Dallas Jenkins
  • Lápices - Gran Chris
  • Colores - Q Madera
  • Letras - Mclain McGuire
  • La edad recomendada es 8+

Descargo de responsabilidad: Algunos espectadores pueden encontrar ofensivas ciertas escenas de la novela gráfica. Recomendamos una edad de 8 años en adelante.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Beverly S. (Denver, US)

The Chosen Comic Book Season 1 Episode 1 Book 2

Jerico J. (Greenville, US)

My son loves comics, graphic novels. This was a perfect gift

Bridget (Fort Worth, US)
Perfect for my grandson

This is a wonderful way for me to teach my grandson the truth and love of God.

N S. (Moncton, CA)
Fun Representation

Great representation of the episode in a fun yet realistic format. Very unique. Thicker paper for better quality. Matte finish. If you’re a fan of The Chosen, these are great memorabilia!

Anonymous (Novi, US)

From my own testimony growing up and being a teenager - the Christian material options used to be very polar extreme of "kiddy" to "dark spiritual".
This particular book leans to the latter.
Now, I mention this because at that age, even if I didn't seem like it, I needed great hope and true/genuine uplifting content. My encounter was with the music realm, and even though the genre was under 'Christian', it had poetic lyrics that planted seeds of self harm.

It's by the Holy Spirit's grace to be led on how to reach the young without flashing extreme flesh situations. I think that's why Scripture is text format and flawless.

These comics feel like storyboards of the movie, and I think that's really neat! I think it'd benefit to choose the most *hopeful scenes* and print them in this format. And so that whole scene arch would be cherished and flipped through to relate to and remember how much Jesus loves us, individually and personally.

I hope this makes sense!! What we say is to encourage and benefit those who hear! Much love in Christ